Little trip to the Isle of Wight

Needles, Isle of Wight

Some Extra Information

Camera: Sony A7 II
Software: Lightroom
Location: Isle of Wight, Hampshire

The Story…

Time for a little trip across the Solent to the Isle of Wight and the first item that was packed was the camera as I had planned to try and spend some time capturing some images and more importantly to me understand the camera and improve my photography further.

Day 1 and the First stop on this little adventure was in Cowes, this was a place that I have wanted to visit for many years. I was not disappointed as there was plenty to see and the weather was pretty good also. The thing is though I was so caught up in all the shops and some of the scenery that I didn’t really get the camera out to much however I believe that you have to enjoy where you are and take in your surroundings before picking up the camera and hiding behind the lens. I am sure there will be many photographers that would be shaking their heads at the thought of this.
However that being said I did eventually get the camera out and managed to snap this image of the Royal Pontoon.

Royal Pontoon @ Cowes Isle of Wight

Day 2 was the trip that anyone has to undertake if they visit the island was the Needles. It was a slightly overcast and blustery day, but the sun did try and break through a few times.
As I pulled up in the car park this time i jumped out and grabbed the camera and had some kind of idea as to what pictures i wanted to take. I headed straight over to the viewing point and started snapping away. Again I know mistake number 1, going to the tourist points to take photos, but it had to be done with the tight schedule that i have and have in mind that it’s not about getting something that is ultimately something really new or something that no one has seen before it was about me getting used to settings on the camera and getting better at taking photos, not only that but getting better with the post processing which means all i need is some good content to work from. So, with this in mind the tourist spots suited me just fine and this was some the images that i managed to produce from this day from the tourist view point.

Moving down the side of the cliffs and taking the long winding stepped path down to Alum Bay I stopped and managed to get a slightly different vantage point and got what is a similar Photo from the ones above.

The Needles taken from the path leading down to Alum Bay

Day 3 well this one was spent visiting some museums and being very cultured for the day and maybe a little bit of touring around the island for a drink or two. There isn’t much to talk about or show as I didn’t really take any photos and took the day off for carrying the camera and the tonne of equipment.

Day 4 This day will be known as ‘The day of long exposure on the Isle of Wight’ for no other reason that all the photos that I took on this day was long exposure. This is a skill and a technique that I particularly like as you can get some very artistic effects from doing this but it’s a technique that I am still trying to get better at and understand the settings etc that i need to use depending on the circumstances.
I started this day by driving to Ventnor, and it was when I pulled up in the car where it was clear Long Exposure would be choice of the day. The weather wasn’t the best, the wind was up, and it was very overcast but because of the wind and the location of Ventnor it made more some really good movement in the waves.

Moving around the beach a little (and getting my feet wet while looking down at the stones looking for fossils) I took these long exposure shots.

Next, I took a drive around to Shanklin to the beautiful Shanklin Chine, this place is full of amazing sounds and lots of nature.

Shanklin Chine is a tree lined gorge which has a rich amount of nature and history running right through it. Visit through the day and you will have a rich sound of birds and have a great view of the waterfall that and river that runs right through it.
At night it comes to life with a great light show (Which i was sad to miss as its not open until 24th May)

Below are a few images of the long exposure one’s that I took. I didn’t really spend too much time doing other shots because i wanted to walk\sit and enjoy my time there.

Moving down to the beach just below the Chine I had the opportunity to try a shot at a photo that I have seen other do many times before, especially living on the coast. I thought that i would see how I would do at performing a long exposure shot at a sea breaker(s). Below are the results, please let me know what you think in the comments.

If you made it till the end, thank you so much for spending your time to read my story so far. I hope that you have enjoyed what you have read and hope to bring more soon.

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