About Me

All about me

This is me and my friend Joey!

My History

Ok, so why photography? Well for many years I have been going to air shows around the Hampshire and Somerset area and always took a camera to try make memories of the days.
After taking many thousands of pictures I found myself slowly but surely understanding the camera more and getting ‘What I thought’ was better pictures.

This stayed pretty much it for me photography for some time but I always liked looking at other people’s work wondering how they captured the images the way they did.

Moving on from this and a few years ago I found myself wanting to get out more and so I thought that the best way to do this would be to take my hobby a bit more seriously. After investing a little bit more in my hardware and forcing myself out the door started to take more and more pictures.

To take my understanding to the next level I started to use YouTube as my training tool and started to follow and watch ‘More than TV’ people such as James Popsys, Nigel Danson and Peter McKinnon who I still follow and watch avidly today.

What’s Next

You join me at the stage where I want to share my progression ‘Hopefully!’ in photography and have you join me in my journey.
I would like to involve everyone and hope the support helps me become better at my hobby.

I hope as things go well to try and payback your support by giveaways of some of my work. To produce exciting images that you will like and enjoy and hopefully share my home and the places that I love.